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Pharmacodynamics drug Broncho-munal ® immunostimulant effect, enhancing immunity against respiratory infections.
After receiving the capsule is accumulated in the testosterone cypionate cyclel lysate Peyer’s patch mucosa of the gastrointestinal tract, in particular located in the small intestine.Antigen presenting cells in Peyer’s patches are activated and testosterone cypionate cyclel lysate subsequently stimulate other types of cells (B lymphocytes) responsible for specific immunity. This leads to an increase in the number of circulating B-lymphocytes, which leads to an increase in production of polyclonal antibodies, especially IgG serum and IgA, secretory airway mucosa and salivary glands.
Also, the drug stimulates the majority of leukocytes, which is characterized by an increase in the number of myeloid and lymphoid cells and selective increase in the expression of surface receptors.
In patients receiving the drug Broncho-munal ® , enhanced protective properties of the organism against testosterone cypionate cycle and viruses.
Clinically Broncho-munal ® reduces the incidence of acute respiratory infections, reduces the duration of their course, reduces the likelihood of exacerbations of chronic bronchitis and also increases the resistance to infections of the respiratory system. This reduces the need for the use of other drugs, especially antibiotics.


Broncho-munal ® is used:
• in the complex therapy of acute respiratory tract infections;
• for the prevention of recurrent respiratory infections and exacerbations of chronic bronchitis.


• hypersensitivity to the drug;
• Pregnancy;
• breastfeeding;
• Children up to age 12 years (children from 6 months to 12 years should receive the drug Broncho-munal ® II, capsules 3.5 mg).

Application of pregnancy and during breastfeeding

Animal studies revealed no adverse effects on pregnancy. The safety and efficacy of the drug during pregnancy and breastfeeding period has not been studied, so the use of the drug Broncho-munal ® during pregnancy and lactation is contraindicated.

Dosing and Administration

The drug is taken 1 capsule daily in the morning on an empty stomach, 30 minutes before eating.
• For the prevention of respiratory tract recurrent infections and exacerbations of chronic bronchitis, the drug is used by three courses of 10 days, the interval between the courses 20 days.
• In the complex treatment of acute infections of the respiratory drug ways to apply until symptoms disappear, but not less than 10 days.
During the antibiotic Broncho-munal ® should be taken in combination with antibiotics from the beginning of treatment. Subsequent 2 months possibly prophylactic preparation:. Courses for 10 days, the interval between courses 20 days
in case it is difficult testosterone cypionate cycle to swallow the capsule, it is necessary to reveal the contents mixed with a small amount of liquid (e.g., tea, juice or milk).

Side effect

Broncho-munal ® is generally well tolerated. The majority of adverse reactions in the General category from moderate to moderately-severe symptoms. The most common side effect is a manifestation of a disorder of the gastrointestinal tract, skin reactions and disorders of the respiratory system.
According to the World Health Organization (WHO), undesirable effects are classified according to their rate of development as follows:
• very common (≥1 / 10) ;
• commonly (≥1 / 100, <1/10);
• uncommon (≥1 / 1000, <1/100);
• rare (≥1 / 10,000, <1/1000);
• very rare (<1 / 10000);
• frequency not known (frequency of events can not be determined on the basis of available data). Violations of the gastrointestinal tract frequently: diarrhea, abdominal pain, the frequency is not known:nausea, vomiting. Violations of the respiratory system common: cough uncommon : shortness of breath. Violations of the skin and subcutaneous tissue disorders common: rash, the frequency is unknown: . urticaria, angioedema Violations by the immune system rare: hypersensitivity reactions (rash erythematous, rash generalized, erythema, edema, swelling of the eyelids, swelling of the face, peripheral edema , swelling, swelling of the face, itching, generalized pruritus). Violations of the nervous system frequency is unknown: headache. Common disorders frequency unknown: fever, fatigue.


No reports of toxicity due to drug overdose. The composition of the drug Broncho-munal ® and the results of a study of its toxicity in animals indicate that an overdose is unlikely.

Interaction with other drugs

There was no drug interactions with other drugs.
The drug can be used in conjunction with other testosterone cypionate cycle drugs, including antibiotics.

special instructions

Possible manifestations of hypersensitivity reactions to the drug. In the case of persistent gastrointestinal disorders, skin reactions, disorders of the respiratory or other symptoms of intolerance to the drug to stop the drug and seek medical advice.

Effects on ability to drive vehicles, machinery

The drug has no effect on the ability to focus and management of vehicles, machinery. online anabolic steroids pharmacy

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